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Jeff Danger, Science Ranger's Physical Science Show is an exceptional presentation which motivates children (age 6-12) to continue science studies, improve test scores, and pursue science related careers. Jeff Danger inspires a child to think about science by presenting the basics of important scientific concepts with flabberghasting demonstrations of natural forces.  He delivers a unique educational, action packed, and affordable experience. 


Call (617) 899-4140

Sample School Show Pricing within Rt. 495:
$500 / two for $800

Other areas:

Nashua-Worcester or Providence:
$550 / two for $850.

Springfield-Hartford or
Manchester, NH areas:
$650 / two for $1000.

For specific pricing in your area, please contact.

Using dramatic demonstration, humor, and audience participation, Jeff Danger, Science Ranger brings scientific ideas down to earth. Age / Grade level appropriate. Spark the imagination and curiousity of children by providing them with a fun educational science show.

By the time U.S. students reach their senior year of high school, they rank below their counterparts in 17 other countries in science literacy, according to the Third International Mathematics and Science Study. For anyone concerned about strengthening America's long-term leadership in science, the nation's elementary schools are an obvious place to start. So take the first step and call Jeff Danger, Science Ranger today to book an educational and fun science program. To make a $300 deposit for a booking, you can use Paypal below:


Jeff Danger, Science Ranger (617) 899-4140

"If children find science entertaining, they will learn and absorb it. My show opens a gateway into the mind of children and they become more attentive, focused, and eager to learn."  
My kids, 10 year old Faith & 6 year old Harry, help explain the diet coke / mentos experiment. The pitted surface of Mentos candies make bubbles because Mentos mess up the way water molecules are connected, creating all these places for carbon dioxide bubbles to grow. That's a powerful geyser!
SUBJECTS / CURRICULUM: Jeff Danger's Science Show features the science of forces and motion, film cannister Alka Seltzer rockets and  carbon dioxide, the vortex canon and the Bernoulli Effect, a flying drone,  hot air balloons and the density of air molecules,  spinning objects and gyroscopes, superabsorbent polymers, air pressure and needles through balloons, the most irritating sound in the world, the thunderdrum, gravity vs. juggling,  nucleation sites and science of the diet coke / mentos experiment - and plenty of audience participation.

Faith is surprised the gyroscope doesn't fall - she just learned a little bit about angular momentum.  Harry has no idea what he learned.


"Extraordinary show ...I was amazed how you kept 200 students perfectly quiet for a whole hour."  Charlene Barrett, PTO Chair, Bates School, Wellesley, MA

"From watching Jeff's show my students got several answers correct on our standardized testing, now that's a performance!"
Benny Stella, King School, Cambridge, MA

"The students were truly entertained and at the same time learned a valuable science lesson. It was the best assembly we've had this year."  Melissa Shapher, Principal, Butler Elementary, Belmont, MA

"The kids loved the show. You were awesome!" Medina Catlin, Burns School, Hardford.

WARNING: DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO! During this educational video about robots and their science history, Jeff Danger does his 'robot dance' - it is very embarrassing.  If you want to learn about robots, you have been warned - old guy dancing! MORE VIDEOS BELOW.

  Jeff Danglo aka Jeff Danger, Science Ranger    (617) 899-4140     Cambridge, MA

*  Show is 45-60 minutes and can be tailored to your school's schedule.
*  I require at least 15 minutes between shows to re-set equipment.
*  A deposit is required unless previous client.
*  Payment by grants is OK (and I know it can take awhile to process)
*  Jeff Danger performs a very safe show - no fire or unsafe material.
*  Tight budget?  If two schools in the same town book me the same day i.e. a show in the morning at one school, then I'll go to the other school in the afternoon, I can substantially reduce my fee.  Call any time if you have questions. thanks, Jeff Danger

Do parabolic arcs, speed, velocity, acceleration, air resistance, and gravity interest you?   Then you like juggling!   Watch
eight year old Harry demonstrate.


Q: How many theoretical physicists specializing in general relativity does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Two. One to hold the bulb and one to rotate the universe. 

Q: What did Donald Duck say in his graduate physics class?   A: Quark, quark, quark!

Watch ants dig tunnels in nutrient rich, translucent gel.  If you don't like ants don't worry, it's only a one minute video.

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